Being a Parent 👨‍👩‍👧

Being a parent is a dream, being a parent is an accomplishment, being a parent is a blessing but being a parent is more than a parent ever knows.

Being a parent is not being just a parent.

Being a parent is also not being just a friend.

Being a parent is not being just a teacher.

But, being a parent is being the child itself and placing yourself in those shimmering glitter bellies, black leather school shoes, canvas sneakers, and high stellitoes.

Being a parent is letting your child approach you at any second of the day no matter how busy you are. It is letting your child ask stupid questions a million times and you replying back with the same calmness as the first time. It is making them realize by actions that you’re there for them instead of just constantly reminding them about it through words.

Being a parent is not just permitting them on their decisions for their future but also accepting their failure when they fail to stand up to their own words. It is to permit them the next hundred times for the next hundred varied decisions and constantly proving them that they’ll be good at it. It is to first let them start before you remind them of what will follow.

Being a parent is to correct your child in private and defend them in public. It is to cover their flaws with a beautiful quilt of appreciation infront of the world so that they are motivated to be a better them and to truly be the beautiful quilt one day. It is to always caress their scarred skin. There’s no need to tell them that they’re the most beautiful thing on earth but to be honest and tell them that there are millions who are different from them and prettier but what’s them is them. What’s them is theirs and yours to love.

Being a parent is not telling your child that you’ll die for them if needed because in the very first place they don’t want you to do that. They want you to live and so being a parent is to tell them that you want to live and see them happy and that you’ll lay back resting on that couch waiting for them to return to you and make them proud.

Being a parent is realizing that you and your child can have different perspectives and mindset and it is OKAY. It to to understand that your views and concepts may differ. It is important to know they might have had different experiences in life at a tender age which you might not understand and then you need to sit down and resonate with each other instead of graving them under your beliefs and way of dealing with life. Let them try out their ways so you’ll know what goes on in their brain.

Being a parent is so much more than any parent has ever been and what we as parents can ever be.

There is growth not only in the life of a child but in the life after being a parent too. You grow everyday by learning about your child. You grow everyday by practicing with them. You grow everyday by knowing about their experiences and their way of dealing with them.

Being a parent is being a parent a child.


I get wrinkles on my eyelid when i look upon the sun. The skin over my collar bone stretches and my throat stiffens. But i smile with those not so pretty closed eyes and dry lips. It doesn’t hurt my eye. The sun has always been my companion. More than the moon. You know why?

Everyone is friends with the moon.

Every night people sit and talk to it. Share their tears and wish upon it.

But the sun? Hardly a few glance upto it. It stays up in the sky, the entire day, absolulely lone and hated for its rays.

So, i’m a friend of the sun because i can relate to it. It is lonely, somewhere i’m too. It gives all of itself to others and still remains unwanted, mostly. It has no one, so i’m there for it. And i hope, it’s there for me too.





You cannot always tell people that it is gonna be okay because even if it’s gonna be okay sooner or later, it isn’t okay “at the very point”. And, for those people who consider ignoring as something quite easy, i salute you guys. I salute you and i wish most of us could have been like you.

Back to the point, let us do one thing the next time someone cries over some situation. Let us NOT tell them that it’ll be okay. Let us be honest to them and tell them that yes it is not okay but, i’ll stand with you till it becomes okay. Let us tell them that things go bad and it is NOT okay. But, you will help them until it becomes okay. Let us tell them that they are supposed to face the brutal cruelities of the world and break down and it is NOT okay. But, you will help them find meaning out of it and help them find the strenght within them until it becomes okay.

Not okay is NOT okay. But till things become okay, let us all be kind, genuine, honest and above all supportive.


“You’re easy to love, anyone can easily fall for you.”

“And what makes you say so”, i ask.

“Go look at yourself in the mirror, you’re gorgeous. Your features, your looks, your personality, your character, your voice, your face and Oh God your eyes.”

“Well, i wonder if you’re describing me or your fascination”, i replied with a smirk.

“You’re not telling me how easy i’m to love. You’re telling me how easily someone can be seduced by me.My features will one day be deteriorated and there’ll be nothing gorgeous in me. I might change my look according to the people i meet and the places life puts me in. My personality may go from the best to the worst depending upon what situations i’m facing. One time i can be calm and composed and the other time the most cruel person you’ll ever meet. My character may differ depending upon firstly how you’re going to treat me and secondly upon what lies people are gonna believe about me. I may meet with an accident tomorrow and lose all of my senses, my soothing voice too and maybe just maybe i won’t even be able to speak anymore. I may tomorrow be a rape or acid attack victim and this face of mine will be nothing but a means of gossip and awe. These eyes of mine carrying nothing but tears of hurt.

Tell me then, how will you love me still?

You won’t. You’ll stop loving me because none of these will remain with me except….except my heart and my soul. If you can love me for the both of them, i’ll know it is easy to love me. Until then, this is fascination. Until then, this is seduction. Until then, this is everything else but love for me.”


I don’t wanna sit still look pretty

-Ariana Grande.

“So what’s your definition for a pretty girl? The types in pubs and bars and with champagnes in hand?”, i asked him while we sat on a park bench.

“You’ve misunderstood me, pretty girl.

These materialistic toxicities never seduced me into falling for someone or even calling them pretty. They might be hot and glamorous and what not, but they’re not pretty.

Pretty is the one with the simplistic smile. Pretty is the one with tensed brows. Pretty is the one with round specs. Pretty is the one with baggy tshirts and messy buns. Pretty is the one who loves chocolate shake. Pretty is the one who can eat an entire box of pizza by herself. Pretty is the one reading novels. Pretty is the one staring into nothing. Pretty is the one who looks flawless even without makeup. Pretty is the one with concealed figure. Pretty is the one with brown eyes who look upon the sun rather than the moon. Pretty is the one with innocent deceny. Pretty is the one being left behind. Pretty is the one hiding behind shelves. Pretty is the one with a pretty heart within. Pretty is the one who doesn’t consider herself anywhere near pretty. This is pretty. Pretty is you..”


Life made some of us so mature at such a young age that even if most of us are teens, we know so well how adulthood feels like.

We know that running after the cotton candy vendor for exchanging a yellow one with the pink one is as wasteful as dreaming about an easy going life after pursuing medical. We know that when two adults fight infront of us, we are meant to blame ourselves and our fate because somewhere we hold ourselves guilty for it. We know that insisting for something or crying for the other brings no fruitful result because we’re not gonna get it if it’s not meant for us.

Some of us from such an yearly age stopped getting wet in rains or never even made paper boats. We liked to stay quite and alone instead of running around with strange kids and making everyone our friends because life had already taught us that not everyone stays. Some of us already had enough of black and white in our lives to continue colouring picture books.

Some of us long ago started understanding how everything or rather nothing in our life is a fairytale and there’s no luck after leaving a glass slipper in a hurry on the palace stairs. We’re meant to go back and pick those up because that is our own job to do. You’re actually lucky if you even have a pair or glass slippers. No one is gonna come and wake you up from a spell because in the very first place our life ain’t any magic or miracle but simply practical.

And most of us are what those early experiences have made out of us. And that is how you are you still enjoying you roller coaster ride in your 28 and i am what i am, still scared of slipping off the swing in my 16.